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About us
  • About us
This is Surreal, and also our guild website, a 20 man horde raiding guild on Draenor. In preparation of mythic, we are gearing in normal and heroic 20 man, sometimes less, sometimes more, but always with fun!
We will also do alt runs, meaning that you need an alt, preferably a different class.

The leaders of this guild are: Welkins, Skoll and Tillie (Nerini)

Tillie's BattleTag: wicca1987#2848

We have 3 raid days: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday.
The raid times are: 20:30 to 23:30

Outside of the current content raids, we like to socialize and run old content, achievement runs, mythic+ dungeons and pvp activities.

Current progress:
2/3 heroic ToV
4/7 mythic EN

How to contact us:
Message any of the officers online, leave a reply on the wow forums or leave a message on this site's forum.