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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Aug 20, 2016 at 01:22 AM

About your character

Race and Class
Orc Shaman


Secondary spec (Do you use it often?)

Resto (won't happen until next expansion if it does happen)

Alts (if any, that you actively play on)

Nope, These don't exist


Non Binary


Triggering people

What are you applying as?


About you



What is your age?

21 to 25

Where are you from?

Northern Ireland - UK

Occupation (student and housewife count!)?

"Occupation" You're Funny

How long have you been playing WoW?

December 2004 Start, So nearly 12 years

What is your average hours played per week?

Not much at the moment because it's end expansion and the game is in a horrible state.

The raiding section (leave open if applying as social)

What guilds have you been in and why have you left those guilds? (no need for a massive list, you can keep it to the two most recent guilds)

AFD - (Appetite For Destruction), Everything was going great until raiders stopped showing up and people started bailing out last minute so the guild just kicked the bucket.

Order of the Silver Flame - Now this is a great one. Things going well until an officer (which i wont bother naming for drama purposes) thought it would be a good idea to use his position as an officer to enforce power in a HC Dungeon group. So i talked back to him due to the fact the thing was his fault (Got Screens to prove this)

Shear Hordasity - Again no names will be mentioned, but some people didn't know how loot worked, so to prevent future brain damage I got out of there as soon as i could.

Anyone in Surreal who can vouch for you?

Mingpop and Graffitii (If he is even in the guild yet)

How did you hear about us?

A friend

Now the most boring part! What is your raiding experience (if any)?

Started as a Tank in TBC, so i was about 13 or something, tanked up to early black temple as a warrior tank. Account got closed for Levitate Glitch and escorting people to The cube and Mount Hyjal etc...

Remade another account and focused on levelling another shaman up as i lost my horde one, and started healing in the T4 raids nothing too special.

WOTLK - Still tanked for the early stages but gave it up as people got dumber and dumber and didnt understand what pulling 5 seconds before the countdown actually did to the group. So i ditched my warrior and pretty much healed the entire expansion making it to about 6 Hc bosses in on ICC 10 HC

Cataclysm came and like the rupture the healing dream fell into a chasm. and i've played enhancement ever since.

I've cleared every raid since Cataclysm on Normal and most full on HC with breaks in between due to exams and guilds just going full retard on roster changes and loot systems.

What add-ons do you use for raiding?
Do you have any previous officer/gm experience?

I led a guild back in Wrath, Pretty sure we cleared Trial of the Grand Crusader HC during it's time

General info

Do you have Discord installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?

All above answered "Yes".

Ping/Latency (you can test this by going to

I wouldn't play a button smashing game if I didn't have stable/fast internet Ping is around 34 MS

UI screenshot link, preferably while in combat:
Do you have any logs? (Not relevant atm)

I did have logs but since they reset i doubt i have any. I've literally looked on after the Pre-patch Hit a target dummy seen enough and logged off.

What's the best wipe you've ever caused?

Implies that I cause wipes.

Probably ninja pulling, because you know Blizzard's aggro range is top notch.

What's your favorite raiding encounter?

Accidentally killing Norushen HC first try because Blizzard's logic on making things harder is giving you more orbs that make the fight easier.

The End (freaky part)

What fruit would you be and why?

A Tomato

Have fun debating this one folks.

(My Trigger helmet is on so go nuts)

Have you read the rules? If not, do you promise to blindly follow authority no matter how ridiculous the demands are?

No you don't own me you can't tell me what to do

On days that we are not raiding, what kind of activities would you like to see happen?

Non raiding activities.

Dungeon spams.
Mythic dungeon groups.
People actually doing their Class garrison quests.
World Bosses.

People logging off this game and enjoying their life.

Do you have any final questions or comments that you wish us to consider? (other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)

"(other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)"

I think you reading this well crafted application of mine was my retaliation to that statement.

I only really play shaman and i only really play enhancement so have fun working with that one. I go for Boss kills and i will call people out that are performing poorly even if it's me, However as elitist as i sound i am a nice person to raid and play with so.

This future is yours to decide.


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Hey man!
Loved reading the application! Ty :)
I am sad to say that we have 2 enhancement shamans already and I cannot offer you a spot at this time :( I am so sorry...

But if a spot opens up, I will let you know through Mingpop if I cannot reach you myself :)
For now, I wish you the very best and hope you find a nice home for Legion :))

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