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Submitted on: Sep 28, 2016 at 08:01 PM

About your character

Race and Class
Blood Elf Paladin


Secondary spec (Do you use it often?)

Protection (mostly for dungeons)

Alts (if any, that you actively play on)

None yet





Armory link


What are you applying as?


About you


Juhana Mäkinen

What is your age?

16 to 20

Where are you from?


Occupation (student and housewife count!)?

Unemployed atm looking for a job actively

How long have you been playing WoW?

from vanilla

What is your average hours played per week?


The raiding section (leave open if applying as social)

What guilds have you been in and why have you left those guilds? (no need for a massive list, you can keep it to the two most recent guilds)

Havent been in any good guilds in retail, mostly just random guilds with my friends

In a private server named Warmane at the moment i was in the top 3 raiding guild named The Forgotten kings that did all of content on 25HC in WOTLK. thats probably my most hardcore raider guild as i have mostly been raiding with friends for a long time

Anyone in Surreal who can vouch for you?

Nuhapumppu, Nuksa

How did you hear about us?

A friend

Now the most boring part! What is your raiding experience (if any)?

All of WOTLK content on 25HC
then mostly casual raiding in cata, mop, wod well i guess you could say i did karazhan and other raids in tbc and molten core in vanilla but those were so long time ago so they really dont matter.

Im at my best as dps but im capable of healing and tanking, im not one of those dpsers that look at only the recount but i will change my spec if needed for a fight and help dispelling and everything, im ready to do anything to down the boss.

there isnt really anything hard in any raid for me as in tactics.

What add-ons do you use for raiding?

DBM Recount Details

Do you have any previous officer/gm experience?

Nope, its not really my cup of a tea

General info

Do you have Discord installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?

Yes, i have any program needed for Voice Comms and i have really good mic, and i can speak english but i really dont like it as my pronunciation sucks. i understand it perfectly tho even with thick accents

Ping/Latency (you can test this by going to

no problem with internet at all. uptime 520 days ^^

UI screenshot link, preferably while in combat:

At the moment im making a new ui so i can submit it later if needed

Do you have any logs?

Not yet, 150-200k on raid bosses last time i went EN

What's the best wipe you've ever caused?

i havent really caused any wipes, atleast what i can remember. always been a top notch raider in mechanics so zero problems at them

What's your favorite raiding encounter?

Sindragosa or Lich king in ICC

The End (freaky part)

What fruit would you be and why?

Banana because bananas are fantastic and even work as a measurement tool, they just have too many uses and atleast i dont have to be in finland because its freezing all year long here :D

Have you read the rules? If not, do you promise to blindly follow authority no matter how ridiculous the demands are?

Yes but how ridiculous are we talking?

On days that we are not raiding, what kind of activities would you like to see happen?

Dungeons, PVP, pretty much anything

Do you have any final questions or comments that you wish us to consider? (other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)

Well i hope i covered most of the important parts for raiding and if you have any more questions just ask ingame


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Ty for the app :)

Took you for a test drive and your overal dps and raid awareness need work! We talked about it, and you know what you have to do :)

Accepted for trial

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