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Status: REJECTED (Joined another guild)
Submitted on: Oct 26, 2016 at 11:04 PM

About your character

Race and Class
Blood Elf Demon Hunter


Secondary spec (Do you use it often?)

Vengeance, plan to as soon as I have AP to spend.

Alts (if any, that you actively play on)

I have some but I mainly use them to farm mounts.


Monk, Mage



Armory link


What are you applying as?


About you


Van Vinh Nguyen

What is your age?

16 to 20

Where are you from?


Occupation (student and housewife count!)?

Next year I'm a student but I'm currently doing a breakyear? Not sure what it's called in English and I'll start working before my year starts.

How long have you been playing WoW?

I played BC but stopped before WotLK. I now started back again.

What is your average hours played per week?

I have no idea but I come online pretty much every day. Raiding times don't matter for me until next year.

The raiding section (leave open if applying as social)

What guilds have you been in and why have you left those guilds? (no need for a massive list, you can keep it to the two most recent guilds)

I've been in no guilds as I've just started playing again.

Anyone in Surreal who can vouch for you?


How did you hear about us?

Wow forums

Now the most boring part! What is your raiding experience (if any)?

I have 7/7 EN H since first week and I'm 1/7M EN and I have trouble finding good Pug groups. Most of the time they are elitist and bad but are always first to blame someone else. I'd like a more chilled raiding experience but with also decent skilled players.

What add-ons do you use for raiding?

ElvUI, Skada, DBM, OmniCC

Do you have any previous officer/gm experience?

No, I'm more a quite guy.

General info

Do you have Discord installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?


Ping/Latency (you can test this by going to

Currently I have 20 down, 5 up with 20ms ping but after the 1st December I will have 300 down/up with glass fibre.

UI screenshot link, preferably while in combat:
Do you have any logs?

Site is currently not available.

What's the best wipe you've ever caused?

At the start of Legion I was the only one to be DCd while I was running with a PUG Vault of the Warden when I had the Orb at the endboss.

What's your favorite raiding encounter?

When I did Nythendra M everyone was really chill yet was serious when it came to downing the boss while still with some jokes thrown around. I really enjoyed the experience there compared to all my PUG runs I've been doing.

The End (freaky part)

What fruit would you be and why?

A pineaple, tastes good, even better with salt :P and I'd have a slick haircut.

Have you read the rules? If not, do you promise to blindly follow authority no matter how ridiculous the demands are?


On days that we are not raiding, what kind of activities would you like to see happen?

There is so much to do in Legion so probably Keystone runs, maybe some Alt lvling/gearing together with people from the guild. In general helping everyone in the guild for example the socials.
I'd like to get into PvP a bit but it seems like DH is not doing so well and I have no idea of the current meta.

Do you have any final questions or comments that you wish us to consider? (other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)




Thank you for your application :)
I will discuss your application with my officer :)
We will get back to you soon!
Hey again!

I'd like to have a chat with you on Discord whenever suits you best:)
I'm sorry but I agreed to another guild and I'll be going on trial there starting next week.
Ok, ty for letting us know! Good luck in your new guild! :)

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