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Nuffs lvl100 Hunter

Submitted on: Oct 28, 2016 at 12:13 PM

About your character

Race and Class
Orc Hunter


Secondary spec (Do you use it often?)

Most likely BM for PvP or depends what combo im going to play on legion.

Armory link: , i talked about this with wicca that its still lvl100 but it takes me 2days to lvl110 after i migrate and i alrdy have full gear of 840-855 bought from AH for fast raid rdy gear.

Alts (if any, that you actively play on)

Every class, i can reroll anytime its necessary.


Death Knight



Armory link

Can't find it from armory or guilds roster in armory. But im alrdy on Surreal as Social rank. Name is Dreamin.

What are you applying as?


About you


Esa Kallioniemi

What is your age?

21 to 25

Where are you from?


Occupation (student and housewife count!)?

Currently working as electrical engineer. Next year going to Police school. Was Peacekeeper soldier in lebanon for 1 year (last year).

How long have you been playing WoW?

I've been playing since Vanilla with some breaks during Cata, MoP and WoD.

What is your average hours played per week?

Usually its around 30-45 hours, depends if anything cool happens. Always online during raid days if anything urgent won't happen.

The raiding section (leave open if applying as social)

What guilds have you been in and why have you left those guilds? (no need for a massive list, you can keep it to the two most recent guilds)

Oh boy, if you want i can give you quite a massive list indeed. I must say an important thing about these. I played in a lot of these guilds at the same time during my realm first/world first and pvp progress. Some were more because of PvP and some only for PvE. Aquila was the main guild for PvE.

I only leaved guilds because, first of all they broke up or stopped raiding, or i couldn't give 100% of myself to their raid team due to school or other activities because of my age back then.

Guilds which are in my opinion worth telling are,

Kaukametsän Pakolaiset-Darksorrow
Exploding Labrats-Stormreaver
Underground Kosmonavts-Ravencrest
Paragon-Lighting's Blade: Yes the famous Paragon. Big brother was one of the officers which got me in to that world first shit but my school and age didn't allow me to progress on the level i wanted so i went to a little bit easier guild Aquila. They said skill level was enough, i just didn't have time, that's why i keep this as + for my apply.

Anyone in Surreal who can vouch for you?

Cifus/Nuhapumppu, Zerkkeri, Nuksa

How did you hear about us?

A friend

Now the most boring part! What is your raiding experience (if any)?

I'll try to keep this as short as i can.

Vanilla: Played resto druid. Mainly PvP, we got rank14 to my brother and my highest rank was then 13. Cleared everything else before TBC except Nefarian and Naxx. Wasn't in main raid team, got there to kill everything else because brother got me into few raids.

TBC: Played mainly PvP again with druid. Achieved 2.1k on season 1 and season 2. Season 3 and 4 i got Gladiator with help of my brothers friends. In PvE, i cleared only the easy ones, didn't do full clear on BT, Sunwell or Tempest Keep only some bosses.

WOTLK: My golden time. Made DK and played it as Main. PvP i got gladiator from Seasons 6 and 7 and even achieved rank 1 Gladiator on season 8.
Got Shadowmourne on 10.04.2010 if i remember right, so less than a month after world first. Raided in many guilds. Cleared everything. Some Realm First stuff ,but it was just because i was in best guild of the server everytime. This time i also started to Multi-class in PvP achieving atleast 2300 rating with every class.

Cata: Cleared everything. Best memory was World second Theraliona and Valiona hc kill right after Paragon got their first. PvP was quiet, except few 2400 easy pushes.

MoP: Only leveled to 90 and played PvP season 1 with around 2300 rating few weeks then i started my break and sold my wow account because didn't think i was coming back.

Wod: Bought new CDs for new account and came back as casual player doing some random raids and PvP with friends who started to play retail wow for the first time in their lives. Had a break also late wod because all friends stopped playing.

Legion: I came back and now i wanna find good guild with decent progress. I wanna find semi-hardcore enviroment which keeps personal life ahead of game but still during raids have this little serious attitude to improve and progress current content.

What add-ons do you use for raiding?

Recount,DBM, OmniCC, TellMeWhen atleast. Planning on Bartender 4 but im not totally sure which kind of UI ill set up.

Do you have any previous officer/gm experience?

Yes, I was Guild master in Private Server Molten-Wow (Nowadays Warmane) in 2 guilds. Friends asked to come and help down LK during my break from retail and i went there to lead their raids and down all bosses. Also was an ''Class/Recruit'' Officer in The Forgotten Kings, which also Zerkkeri told in his apply. We were small guild which grew to be one of the best in server after i started cleaning the roster and invited new people.

General info

Do you have Discord installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?

Atm no, but ill install it right after this apply. I have a crappy mic, buying new one next week, dog ate the wire, still works somehow but voice/noices can be shit dont know. And i will talk if necessary.

Ping/Latency (you can test this by going to

High enough to make sure there isn't going to be problems due to Internet.

UI screenshot link, preferably while in combat:

Building UI before i start raiding. I can provide you info about it then when its ready.

Do you have any logs?

I actually tried to look for old wow logs but couldn't find them, if i manage to find them later on i can provide that info also.

What's the best wipe you've ever caused?

I don't think i've caused any good wipes. Maybe ill cause some with you to have the memory ;)

What's your favorite raiding encounter?

For some weird reason i like Shadow-Lord Iskar because so many mechanics and awareness needed. Some days i hated it tho.

The End (freaky part)

What fruit would you be and why?

Peach, soft from outside and tastes good but from the inside it's tough. :D

Have you read the rules? If not, do you promise to blindly follow authority no matter how ridiculous the demands are?


On days that we are not raiding, what kind of activities would you like to see happen?

PvP, arenas/bg and ofc Mythic dungeons.

Do you have any final questions or comments that you wish us to consider? (other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)

It wasn't actually so long. Could be longer if i was the person who decides how much questions there will be :D

You can contact me anytime in-game during weekend and ill answer your questions.

If you have any other class you want me to play with give the info during weekend, otherwise ill bring hunter. Im available for any role except maybe for tanking, since i have always thought that you can't do much as tank for the whole raid. Even tho i played as Main tank in Molten-WoW. Because imo main tank is always also the raid leader :D

Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers



Oh i forgot to say one thing. Even tho i have a lot of experience and even tho i'm usually playing at the best of my class in every situation i must say that i haven't raided properly for some time. And i'm the kind of person who don't like to say ''i'm best'' or anything but i'm the type of person who investigates every possible rotation and scenario how i could improve and make my best then (Can't get rid of it after my days/years in top end hardcore raid guilds). I wanna start at the bottom shit like everyone else and have time to figure out all the legion stuff since every raid is new to me if we don't count LFR kills on EN.
Hey there! Thank you for the application.

I must say I do like peaches..

but yeah, lot's of information for us to process thank you! I will have a chat with wicca and hopefully get back asap.
Heya, I've tested classes and im up for playing one or two of the following classes as main. Hunter, DPS Monk, DPS Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, Encha Shaman or Death Knight DPS. Every other class was somewhat not interesting so im not going to level them to 110 any point in legion!

Just wanted to give you the info so if you figure out what you need the most in guild and that one class is on the list you can say and ill do it :) If im accepted at somepoint ofc! :)
Let me ask you this: What do you want to play, provided you can play them at a competent level? :)

Btw, since Zerkkeri is your friend, do you know what happened to him? He was a raider, then one day just disappeared...
Wuut, im sure i posted a comment yesterday with my phone but as it seems it didn't come here. Well ill say again!

I'm able to play any class at a competent level in both pve and pvp. And also in any role. I've been main tank, i've been healer in pve and pvp but mainly i've been dps for longest time in hardcore guilds.

Part of my ''main choosing'' is what guild or my arena team needs, since i like most of the classes but i love the one that is needed so i can fulfill important role which makes us all better.

As it seems i don't yet have arena team (hopefully find something from guild!), it's all about what guild needs. I assume your list is accurate which means you need Demon Hunter, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Death Knight, Druid, Warrior. You already got apply from Warrior so i leave that to someone else.

Rated as HIGH you need Demon Hunter, Hunter or Priest, so pick one of those and ill play it :) Pick the class/specc which you have the least in raids as MAIN.

Zerkkeri is a friend of mine from WoW only so i don't know him so well. I have no idea why he doesn't play anymore since he is online in battle-net almost everyday still. You should ask Cifus if he knows, he most likely talks with Zerkkeri a lot more, and Nuksa is Zerkkeris good friend and he is in the guild also. I was mainly just their Guild master/Officer which way we became friends in WoW not in real life. :)

Ty for the reply! :))
Right now, the guild needs a shadow priest or hunter. Of both classes we don't have enough, so from the guild's perspective, it would be one of those classes.

When it comes to pvp, there are a few people in the guild that do pvp on a regular basis. I need to get into it myself, just unsure what class I want to do pvp with...

Based on what you told me, this app, your replies here and your eagerness, I am accepting you as trial in our team! :) I believe your dk is in the guild, but you can whisper anyone for an invite on the class that you want to raid on and we can take it from there.

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