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Submitted on: Nov 15, 2016 at 09:43 PM

About your character

Race and Class
Blood Elf Mage


Secondary spec (Do you use it often?)

Fire (Mythic+)

Alts (if any, that you actively play on)

110 DH, but dont have time or desire to play it really. I'm really into playing just one char





What are you applying as?


About you



What is your age?

Over 31

Where are you from?

Poland, living in UK

Occupation (student and housewife count!)?


How long have you been playing WoW?

11 months

What is your average hours played per week?

25+h, I do skip days at times to play other games or just go out (I do have real life, yes!)

The raiding section (leave open if applying as social)

What guilds have you been in and why have you left those guilds? (no need for a massive list, you can keep it to the two most recent guilds)

Apotheosys - 11 months
We switched to WoW from Rift (being the top guild there), but lost quite a few people in the process. Draenor went decent, but core, originial group slowly moved away (real life, etc), and trials were pretty poor, and we never recovered. Guild leadership changed aswell, due to real life issues, and we finally decided to stop raiding under Apotheosys banner.

Anyone in Surreal who can vouch for you?

No, I guess

How did you hear about us?


Now the most boring part! What is your raiding experience (if any)?

Started halfway in WoD , cleared 13/13M HFC.
Legion - 5/7 Mythic EN + Cenarius progress, 3/3 Normal ToV + 2% Heroic Odyn wipes (-.-)

What add-ons do you use for raiding?

DBM, Exorsus, Skada, WeakAuras, ElvUI, and some minor stuff

Do you have any previous officer/gm experience?

Yes, but not in WoW

General info

Do you have Discord installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?

Yes. yes, yes

Ping/Latency (you can test this by going to

Good cable internetz (110/11)

UI screenshot link, preferably while in combat:
What's the best wipe you've ever caused?

Probably ninjapulled some stuff, but I generally don't cause wipes (no joke)

What's your favorite raiding encounter?

I dont have that much WoW experience, and EN is rather underwhelming raid. If I have to pick something - probably Cenarius due to difficulty level comparing to the rest. Also Guarm, simple fight, but perfect execution required especially if they put 4 min enrage on Mythic difficulty (would be super tight)

The End (freaky part)

What fruit would you be and why?

Green apple or green grapes, because these are only fruits I do eat, and "you are what you eat"

Have you read the rules? If not, do you promise to blindly follow authority no matter how ridiculous the demands are?


On days that we are not raiding, what kind of activities would you like to see happen?

all that group farming stuff like m+ or karazahan (boooooooooring), altho I avoid this when I can. I tend to play other games on offdays aswell (dota scrub) so sometimes I just don't log in. Whatever makes guildies happy

Do you have any final questions or comments that you wish us to consider? (other than go f yourself for this insanely long application form)

I;m here to help you guys progress, and raid in chilled out environment. Too old for drama.


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Hey man!

Green apple or green grapes, because these are only fruits I do eat, and "you are what you eat"

Are you saying you are green? :p

We already spoke a bit in-game.
This application gives me even more details that I forgot to ask you about, which makes the decision to give you a trial very easy :)
It's a complete and well written application, and I am curious to see you in action :)

Accepted for trial :) Whsiper anyone in-game for an invite!

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